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Digital wallet used for access control at London Liverpool Street building

SwiftConnect and HID collaborate with British Land to with a digital wallet for access control at Broadgate in Liverpool Street, London.


British Land, a real estate investment company, has deployed connected access at its Broadgate, 100 Liverpool Street office building in London. Through a collaboration with HID and SwiftConnect, people are said to now use their employee badge in Apple Wallet for access with their iPhones and Apple Watches.

This mobile access rollout marks a significant shift by leading commercial buildings, believes HID, to help empower people with self-service and on-demand access to more flexible spaces.

Broadgate at 100 Liverpool Street, London

“Reshaping” access control

Fiona Sawkill, Head of Digital Placemaking at British Land, commented: “Reshaping the way people access British Land buildings fits our vision of modernizing office spaces and providing the best experiences for our customers, employees, and visitors. Thanks to technology partnerships with SwiftConnect and HID, we are now able to deliver a seamless access experience, while strengthening our security and improving operational efficiency.”

Employees and tenants are said to be able to add their employee badge to Apple Wallet after an initial set-up through the My Broadgate app, developed by Equiem. Using the My Broadgate app is designed to make it easier for users to add their mobile credential to Apple Wallet without the need for additional app downloads.

Bronny Wilson, Regional Head of Europe for Equiem, explains, “By leveraging technology partnerships with SwiftConnect and HID, we are able to deliver seamless experiences while improving operational efficiency and sustainability for British Land.”

Once added to Apple Wallet, badges are provisioned using SwiftConnect AccessCloud, which brings together mobile platforms and enterprise systems that govern physical access. The cloud is designed to integrate with British Land’s access control system and HID Origo, a cloud platform that enables lifecycle management of mobile credentials. The solution also leverages HID SEOS credential technology aimed to deliver a more private and secure access transaction when a user presents their iPhone or Apple Watch to HID SIGNO and iCLASS SE Readers.

Investment and sustainable benefits

“British Land is a great example of a real estate investment company combining the power of mobile and digitisation with their strategy to streamline and differentiate their properties,” said James Kendall, European Regional Director at SwiftConnect.

“As we gain traction in Europe, North America and around the world, SwiftConnect remains focused on equipping building owners and enterprises with the capabilities and best practices necessary to provide an extraordinary experience to users while also maximising their investments in connected access.”

Spencer Marshall, Head of Europe for PACS at HID, adds, “Our commitment to innovation levels up mobile access capabilities to ensure that tenants and visitors enjoy a seamless and secure tap-based experience across all spaces. We are proud to partner with SwiftConnect and British Land, two companies at the forefront of redefining modern office spaces with best of breed technologies and unique approaches to PropTech.”

The green benefits of switching to mobile IDs, according to HID, include reduced waste, less use of plastic, lower energy consumption, and higher efficiency for a more positive environmental impact.

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